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@umairh @ValaAfshar interesting how these skills are not predetermined by having money - illustrates the problem of capitalism, right there.

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great stuff. “@ValaAfshar: What leadership skills do you need the most?s.hbr.org/1vcmwI4 pic.twitter.com/ywvwbn6cWB
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"No, you think about it." David Lynch on where ideas come from: http://t.co/FDD7YwIfhs. via @holdengraber.

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No Request is Too Extreme http://t.co/4I8lilMZOb

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.@QueenofSpain Brilliant. I love how you sought and found healing.

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. - James A. Baldwin

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from doug belshaw:
In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.  (Albert Camus)

US mom publishes DNA info about people she doesn't know in an Ethiopian village. http://t.co/u1F77N859l That's ok, right? cc @zeynep

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What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings http://t.co/XRNwTLAGfv

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NEW #ConnectedLearning 'Personal Story' - Building the Conditions for Creativity in the Classroomhttp://t.co/sTcmb9HxMN

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This photo captures the grief of #MichealBrown 's father at the burial. (Photo by Richard Perry, AFP/Getty Images)http://t.co/XE8e6M6Ejv

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Technogianism https://t.co/SqNlYiuErd "Win-Win Ecology: How The Earth's Species Can Survive In The Midst of Human Enterprise"

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Remember that @EdgeRyders trip to #Belarus? Some early fruit https://t.co/Hz2VC7Ql7w (see https://t.co/ofrIUoWsq7for context.) Interesting!

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Det största sveket i skoldebatten är att alla tycks förutsätta att våra elever ska fortsätta gå till samma gamla skola i ett decennium till.

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The greatest betrayal in school debate is that everyone seems to assume that our students will continue going to the same old school in a decade to.

MBAs must focus on cities http://t.co/3ucKe7hujQ

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Stephen Downes (@oldaily)
8/18/14 1:27 PM
One chart that debunks the biggest myth about student loans #oldailydownes.ca/post/62648
TED News (@TEDNews)
8/18/14 1:31 PM
“Bigotry cannot survive experience.” Be the first to read this powerful story from @TEDbooks:on.ted.com/j0PAk
UN Foundation (@unfoundation)
8/18/14 1:31 PM
"A challenge w/ sustainability is that many see it as being exclusively environmental" Elizabeth Thompson#MDGMomentum (via @climasphere)
UN Foundation (@unfoundation)
8/18/14 1:32 PM
RT @BillGates: Depending on where you live, cooking, sex & pooping are either 3 of life's pleasures or what kills you b-gat.es/X03eql
Robin Chase (@rmchase)
8/18/14 1:32 PM
How many (& what is growth of) engineers worldwide contributing to FOSS? @saschameinrath @cshirky@timoreilly @Linux @corbett3000 @zittrain
CSU Warner College (@WarnerCollege)
8/18/14 1:29 PM
100,000 Elephants Killed in Africa, Study by @ColoradoStateU @GeorgeWittemyer Finds - ABC Newsabcn.ws/1n2GnjQ via @ABC
GOOD (@good)
8/18/14 1:33 PM
How a grad student's unlikely @ArgusRadio became the most important #Ferguson lifestream.bit.ly/1oKqYub youtube.com/watch?feature=…
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) 8/26/14 6:10 AM Another day, another big civilian apartment building in Gaza purposely destroyed by Israel: 40 more homeless families nytimes.com/2014/08/27/wor…
Will Richardson (@willrich45) 8/26/14 6:11 AM BBC News - US schools to have non-white majority buff.ly/1pcxSZl Changing culture. #edchat
approaching beige.. r brand
Dezeen (@Dezeen) 8/26/14 3:29 AM Google forced to add steering wheels to driverless car designs: dezeen.com/2014/08/25/goo… #designpic.twitter.com/pgbeCsaUiv
Autodesk Foundation (@AutodeskFdn)
8/26/14 6:50 AM
Are cities ready to host their own crowdfunding platforms? @Citizinvestor weighs in f-st.co/ATyt25Ypic.twitter.com/FtglewHfiv
@blaine on co-stuff in London, http://t.co/hhBAy8stfX is where I'd like to go.

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zak ebrahim

Book Trailer: "The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice" from TED on Vimeo.

David Lynch: Where do ideas come from?

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new Twitter in a nutshell. RT @funnymonkey
@KateMfD Gentrification/artificially narrowing the scope of what can be discussed for free.

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@willrich45 Sites where we flexed our networks became entwined w/our understanding of network @bonstewart @JessieNYC @KateMfD @audreywatters

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Take a min & read RT @swpax: Wow. Just, wow

“All the Numbers You Should Know to Understand Ferguson” by @readmatter https://t.co/xYwF2aFeHI

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A cell phone video has been released by the police in St. Louis showing the brutal killing of #KajiemePowell by LEOhttp://t.co/KfVWEsm73v

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"If any observer is tempted to apply statistical methods, declare the experiment a failure.” - Seymour Papert in a rejected NSF proposal

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We have to think in realistic terms about creating a functional utopia. Otherwise we get what little aid the market and politics can sell us

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(that from https://t.co/YeUgWQak77 which I owe @miniver for doing.) 

It is coming together. It is slowly cohering. A new story/ideology.

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Recognizing a Human Right to the Commons http://t.co/2XhMvKQ3AD

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loving the graphics on our school supplies piece this am: http://t.co/aEyzcsKtl5

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When leaders screen innovations for connection w/ current business models they disconnect w/ the best opportunities.  #innochat

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Bank of America Agrees to Pay Record $17 Billion over Toxic Mortgages http://t.co/53X2S5J3iu

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That deflated “Back-To-School” depression, the attachment-disrupting “first day of school” and homework are NOT inevitable. There are millions of families all around the world for whom “summer vacation” lasts all year, where learning is authentic, playful and part of day-to-day living, not something that occurs in the confines of  a factory-like classroom. The mainstream media should do more than cater to advertisers and recycle stale yearly themes- The media has a responsibility to present information that is fresh, new, challenging and of value to society.

I am really cringing at the "Back-To-School" photos showing up in my newsfeed. Your children are cute, yes, and yes they are smiling today, but my heart breaks for them: As the weeks drag on and they realize there is no escape from the monotony, stress and time theft, the thrill of that novel first day of being in a new grade, or of wearing the new clothes and new backpack will wear off. Why give in to the Back-To-School nightmare when nature's intent has the best education any child could receive: Living and learning in freedom and joy!

@audreywatters Seen the new Kahn Academy ad? https://t.co/N6vsNNYeSq Pretty, but also conflates physical learning with KA. Feels dishonest.

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“Wednesday Aug. 20, 2064” A day in the life, imagined 50 years from now by @ftrain https://t.co/KKGjS7lHhH

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Amazeballs MT @orbuch: The #Onion literally published all of Moby Dick as a viral-headline article. This is perfect.


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He explained about the lack of eye contact. "I'm not used to seeing people's faces," he said. "There's too much information there. Aren't you aware of it? Too much, too fast."

Solitude did increase my perception. But here's the tricky thing—when I applied my increased perception to myself, I lost my identity. With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant. The moon was the minute hand, the seasons the hour hand. I didn't even have a name. I never felt lonely. To put it romantically: I was completely free."

@samchaltain @mcpssuper Seems like the lesser of two evils; a familiar theme. Underlying issue: why allow inflexible mandates as policy?

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Sam Chaltain @samchaltain
"@MrHonner: @mcpssuper Perpetual waivers from infeasible policy is a curious way to govern." Better than alternative, in absence of reauth?
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Patrick Honner @MrHonner
@samchaltain @mcpssuper What's the alternative you're speaking about? Not issuing waivers?
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Sam Chaltain @samchaltain
@MrHonner @mcpssuper Q is how to get wiggle room into inflexible mandate. So, awkward waivers upon waivers > towing the line?

My god this week's @hackeducation news round-up is going to be so full of big data surveillance, school-to-prison-pipeline bullshit.

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That’s why we’ve committed a third of a billion dollars to two consortia of states working to create new assessments that get beyond the bubble test, and do a better job of measuring critical thinking and writing.

oh my.
having been a part of this thinking - that we're in the middle of huge change in regard to assessment et al moving toward critical thinking - 20 yrs ago. and again 10 yrs ago.. and again...
perhaps we start realizing that the focus (our efficient focus on efficiency via testing/measuring/proving) is proving most inefficient to human energy.

it's ironic.. the control we can't seem to give up - because ie: if left to their own devices - people would sit around and eat cookies; is causing us to sit around and eat cookies.. in excess of excess.. blindly.

we have to keep reminding ourselves.... that control is failure.


 the way disease brought my disabled white father and these women of color together, in what might have been a relation of care, but which was pressured by profit motives that threatened at all times to produce frustration and resentment rather than intimacy. The company that mediated my father’s care profited precisely because there was no cure—for either the physical disease limiting my father or the social disease limiting his caretakers.  (And my father’s illness makes me wonder: who profits from the lack of cure in Ferguson?)

Such spectacular failures of our healthcare and justice systems, as we are seeing in Ferguson, make it hard not to conclude as well that human life has become merely incidental in an all-for-profit society.

I hope we’ll take special care, then, to realize how raising awareness and caring—about black lives, about the lives of those with disease—are only two stages in a very long set of procedures required to holistically treat our most refractory social ills.  And I also hope that we’ll not just be open to, but advocate vigorously for experimental, alternative, and aggressive treatments for these ills.  Otherwise, we risk losing the patient.

Huffpo, sold for $315 million, decides to pay a journalist $40K for a year. So it crowdsources the funds...http://t.co/IZUkY9EDnS #smh

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 By contrast, when the hours were logged, and the estimates presumably more reliable, the impact of practice was much diminished.

need of echo chamber.. nothing to prove

Implications of the burning man economic experiment http://t.co/3PuIwr5Ti8 via @seanjoreilly

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“The term ‘gift economy’ is and isn’t an oxymoron. Certainly, the world couldn’t be run through a gift economy,” Harvey says.

“Nobody makes it to and from Burning Man without either a day job or the [labors] of people who have day jobs,” he goes on. “We’re nowhere close to describing, exhibiting, or participating in an ‘economy’ that truly relies on gifting. … What we do have is a compelling gift ‘culture’—and it matters.”
It matters, says Harvey, because it has potential to provide a meaningful counterpoint to the “default world’s” system.
“That spirit, if spread in the world and widely adopted, would condition how people, as consumers in the marketplace, behave,” Harvey says. “Whereas if all of your self worth and esteem is invested in how much you consume, how many likes you get, or other quantifiable measures, the desire to simply possess things trumps our ability or capability to make moral connections with people around us. There should be room in the world for both systems to flourish. If they did, they would inform one another.”

Donations cover the $330,000 in annual operating costs for the warehouse, which opened in 2012, and its users provide supplies, repairs and other necessities. Inside, fine artists and jewelry makers create beside computer tinkerers and car restorers. Nearby, an aquaponic lettuce and mint operation is under way, not far from an effort to turn a vehicle into a hot air balloon.
“We try to ensure that whether you donate an hour or $50,000, that your gift is taken with the same gratitude,” Schultz says, adding that the key to this formula is “that everyone gives back more than they take.”
The hope at The Generator is, Schultz says, at “to refine the economic principles of what a gift economy is and what a decommodified, year-round space is.”
There are various challenges with this. Everything is easier when there’s an expiration date, for example. 

“We don’t think the world can be Woodstock,” he says. “Who’d think the world could be a perpetual carnival? But we do think that the world could rediscover values that used to be automatically produced by culture but aren’t anymore because culture is subject to the commodification in our world. Everything is sold back to us, targeted to demographics. What we have to do is make progress in the quality of connection between people, not the quantity of consumption.” 

If @Twitter is going to push other people's faves to non-following Timelines, there needs to be opt-out on both ends.http://t.co/Vvg9ZKGVCh

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I'm not surprised that people don't like being exposed to random tweets, but I see this as an anti-homophily move:http://t.co/RDst21PoZ8

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"'What became clear is that children are naturally motivated to acquire culture,' he says. 'They do this largely...http://t.co/QojW086ivC

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“What became clear is that children are naturally motivated to acquire culture,” he says. “They do this largely by playing with other children, thereby rehearsing the necessary skills, consolidating them, and trying out the values of the culture. All this led me to conclude that children can educate themselves and are good at doing so if the conditions are right.

What would it take for people to actually get excited by being exposed to perspectives from strangers? #dreaming

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"Robin Williams explains his quick-witted improv" http://t.co/IKwRJuyIRl Really quite phenomenal.

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Learn how you can detox your home by going to http://t.co/nahPIOKuNc via @frandrescher #SAS14

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Our future government will work more like Amazon - http://t.co/axESZm2Ikg

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Imagine voting from your smartphone, having your taxes calculated and filed automatically with a few online confirmations, or filing for your retirement at a friendly tablet kiosk at your local government outpost. Government could — feasibly — be not only more effective, but also a pleasure to interact with someday. Someday.

or - imagine we do think differently.. and realize perhaps - we no longer vote, we no longer tax.  we no longer retire or need retirement. 
ie: realize we no longer need govt as is - same govt ideology but shinier - we can do better. no?

I argue we should not allow staged  violence in the service of more on major social media. No illusion of full ban.http://t.co/qX98U9XaFc

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Amid usual late August drivel, the best look at Burning Man comes from @futureboy. Glorious punk art survivalism.http://t.co/wQeDMmZOS5

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